Bringing people together to

collaborate and communicate effectively

The beginning of everything, worth doing

Over the years, we have built on our humble beginnings – from a simple idea – to innovative products that help people get work done faster, together. We have kept as possible transparency between our clients and the people doing their work to leave no room for second thoughts.

We paid for everything ourselves, and delivered the best we could. We have been lucky to grab the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best clients, great startups and individuals who set the bar high, and we’ve held it there.

Passionate about tomorrow, we pay close attention today


Our products offers ease of use, quick understanding, intuitive user interface design, maximum accessibility and saves time.


We are committed to providing services that are nothing less than outstanding and out-beats the competition.


Our servers are encrypted using industry standard SSL, to make sure your data is stored in a safe, secured central location.


With our web-based software, there’s nothing to download or install and it is accessible to anybody, anywhere and anytime.

Beautifully designed

We offer the complete beauty with brains package. Reason being, our products are not only good to work with, but great to look at as well.


Our products deliver a user experience that combines aesthetics, functionality and usability to match up to the needs of our users.